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’69 HEMI CHARGER 426 Vs. ’69 396 NOVA SS

You’re abvout to see a great drag race between two great Muscle Cars. ’69 Hemi Charger vs ’69 Chevy Nova !! Same gen. Let’s see who wins ?!

For all you Mopar fans👍 Doesn’t matter how big the engine is, it’s what’s inside and behind it that makes power. Nova is my favorite muscle car, but my opinion is not based on that preference, but on actual hands on experience. I’m a #GearHead by nature, I didn’t choose to be, I was born to love raw engine power! Instant fave video! Thanks for sharing! Btw, very nice 426 Hemi Charger, but that guy was absolutely right, it never stood a chance against that Nova. (It also had a foot advantage and lost)

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